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Insta carriage is proud to optimised transport logistics by using cutting edge technology with a goal to deliver the best end to end logistic platform and transform the transport logistics work and providing as a platform to enable the users to fulfil the requirement of logistics for intra-city on demand with the use of modern technology. Insta Carriage tech-enabled platform connects customers to mini-truck & Cab owners, enabling intra-city deliveries in a hasslefree reliable and transparent manner.

Movement of passengers & goods across your city is now just in one click.

Book a mini truck & Cab instantly

In offering a mini truck & Cab, our mission is to provide fast and hassle free transportation of goods. Our vision is that Cab & mini truck trip should be affordable and no vesting of times in bargaining.

User friendly App

Good practices for mobile experience design are proliferating almost as quickly as the mobile devices themselves. This App is very easy to navigate and incredibly user-friendly and provide all necessary inform required for success of any App.

Book a Cab & mini truck for later and rental

The Insta Carriage application automatically detects your current location, and you can request access from this site. Insta Carriage provides to book mini trucks of your choice for later and also available on rental basis. Once you confirm the booking, you will be able to get the details of the driver, the details of the vehicle and the estimated time of arrival, and you can also contact your driver.

Book a mini truck in low price

Transparent and affordable pricing policy of Insta Carriage help to get low fare charge in the city and satisfaction. Insta Carriage allows you to use a bank card, or cash payment option.


Individual and Business

Insta Carriage Carry

Insta Carriage transports a wide range of goods and will transport anything and everything ranging from timber to fruits and vegetables, FMCG to pharmacy and medical supplies, e-commerce related merchandise and electronic goods.

Some of the items are Furniture, Construction materials, Electronics and appliances, Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals, ecommerce, FMCG, Couriers & Logistics

Insta Carriage Offer

Insta Carriage works as facilitator’s for hassle-free intra-city and Inter-city Cab & mini trucks booking service through mobile App on book now, book later and rental basis. Book your vehicle wherever and whenever you need. For enterprises Insta Carriage offer quick and time bound service with efficient management of your peak season business requirements and bulk booking

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"Insta Carriage" is a leading service in the field of land transportation technology, is an application that provides you -with a fast, convenient for transportation of passengers and goods within the state of India, with multiple options through the "Insta Carriage" App of for smart phones. The service is flexible, convenient and safe at a low cost